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Club judging – what judges look for….

Source: PSSA


Club members submit photos during club evenings to be judged.  According to the total points and gold awards members receive, members can advance to higher star gradings.  There are 5 star levels of which 1 star is the first entry level into a club.  This star-system creates a certain synergy between clubs with regards the first 5 levels of star gradings. At Magalies Foto Fun Club, members who already reached a 5 star grading, has the opportunity to succeed to a Master level.


PSSA gave the following as a summary of how photos are judged in order to receive a gold award.  (Judged photos are scored at club evenings, and depending on the score a member will receive a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Certificate of Merit award for each photo entered.  The total number of points and gold awards are accumulated and used to determine if a member can advance to a higher star grading.)

Please contact Germa Hattingh if you have any enquiries about star gradings, judges and how the point system works.

Photo club judge - PSSA guidelines
Photo club judge – PSSA guidelines