Set Subjects 2020

January  Shadows  Light is shaped by shadow - use the power of shadow
February Splash Splash out - any fluid will do
March Contre-jour French meaning "against daylight".  Any light source behind the subject
April Architecture Understanding the architecture, lens, light, perspective and angle are aspects required for this project
May Ambient/Low light Available light used to capture mood and emotion
June The perfect click The controversial   'Decisive Moment'
July Perspective Perspective is the sole responsibility of the photographer.  Alter your viewpoint, craft a striking composition and add deeper meaning to your image
August Cover shot Shoot that eye catching winning cover page magazine shot that will make record sales
September The movies That image that depicts an unforgettable iconic movie
October Guilty pleasures How guilty will you get?  Naughty but nice ...
November Ice  Create a textured picture by freezing an interesting object in a block of ice.